Alice in Wonderland

Melbourne City Ballet’s Michael Pappalardo (Artistic Director) and Brendan Bradshaw (Artistic Associate) pay homage to the well known novel by Lewis Carroll, “Alice In Wonderland”, with this enchanting ballet complimented by one of Tchaikovsky’s most famous scores. ”Alice In Wonderland” tells the story of a young girl who is whisked away to a magical world of wonder. Falling through a rabbit she meets magical creatures both strange and mysterious on her adventure to find her way home.  On a riverbank Alice spots a White Rabbit in a waistcoat passing by, exclaiming that he is “late for a very important date”. She gives chase, following falling into a large rabbit hole. She sees him leave through a tiny door, which she does not fit through, but by drinking from a bottle marked “Drink Me” she shrinks enough to fit through the door. She does so and floats out in a sea of her own tears, which she cried after getting trapped in the room of doors.

As she continues to follow the Rabbit, she meets numerous characters, including Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who recount the tale of “The Walrus and the Carpenter”. The Caterpillar in the Garden of flowers, the Cheshire Cat who directs her, to visit the Mad hatter the March Hare and the Dormouse who are having an “unbirthday” party. They celebrate her unbirthday too.

The Cheshire Cat reappears and advises Alice to ask the Queen of Hearts for directions home, showing her a “shortcut” to the King and tyrannical Queen’s castle.  While meeting The Queen she witnesses her order the beheading of a trio of playing card gardeners who mistakenly planted white roses instead of red ones, and invites (or rather forces) Alice to play against her in a croquet match where she also meets the Knave who she befriends.  The Cat appears again and plays a trick on the Queen, causing her to fall over. The Cat disappears in time to make it look like Alice was the prankster, but before the Queen can order her execution, the King suggests they have a trial.

At Alice’s trial, many of the characters are called to the stand as witnesses, A trick throws the court into chaos. As the Queen orders Alice’s execution, the Knave comes to her rescue. Alice flees, and the Queen, King, card guards and other characters give chase. When she reaches the small door she encountered at the beginning of the film, he shows her that she is actually already outside, asleep. She yells at herself to wake up; she does and leaves the riverbank to go home for tea.


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