Peter Booth, Lesley Duxbury, Emma Fielden, Amias Hanley, Vee Labson, Mike Parr, Victor Pasmore, Susan Purdy, Katie West, Melody Woodnutt

The museum gallery space has long appealed as a place of contemplation. Whether we call this experience spiritual or not, art opens us up to ideas we have previously not thought about.

Art, like many other things, requires commitment for value to be realised. Art invites thoughtful consideration by the viewer. Art asks the viewer to relax and suspend their typical concerns; to think and to dream.

This is an exhibition about inward reflection, space for oneself, beauty, quietude, consideration, looking and looking again.

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Sat 19 Nov – Sun 26 Mar


‘Looking Glass’ is an exhibition which brings together two of Australia’s most acclaimed artists – Waanyi artist, Judy Watson and Koatha and Nukunu artist Yhonnie Scarce. At its heart, the exhibition is both a love song and a lament for Country, a fantastical alchemy of the elemental forces of earth, water, fire, and air.

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