Cloudscapes – Sofie Deiu

Sofie Dieu is a culturally and linguistically diverse poet and visual artist, and was selected as Creative Gippsland’s Artist in Community program in May 2019. During this residency, she created a series of works in response to environmental disasters that have affected the Gippsland community.

Sophie Dieu explored how identity, emotions, and memory fluctuate according to our immediate environment. Landscapes, people, healing, and the dichotomy between light and darkness are some of the recurring themes that were explored.

The writing and drawing tools were sourced directly in the recently burnt bush grounds around Latrobe. By using calcined wood as pen, and water as mixing medium, Sophie’s intention was to transform symbols of pain and distress into a positive work of art which simultaneously acknowledges people’s hardship and acts as a catalyst for resilience. Combined on the same surface to create a cloudscape, her writing and drawings aim to crystallise local residents’ relationship to their natural environment, highlighting both the destructive impact drought and bush fires have on the residents of Gippsland well-being while withholding an obvious message of hope.


Fri 21 Feb – Sat 22 Feb


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Wed 1 Jan – Thu 30 Jan


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