Creative Writing Workshop

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Creative Writing Workshop
Adult program


Artist Sofie Dieu will be engaging the Latrobe community in a writing workshop, open to amateurs and experienced writers alike, this workshop will challenge the participants’ perception of what writing and poetry can be by using three different creative writing methods, introduced gradually:

– Breath mapping , as used in art therapy to demarcate stress and anxiety

– Free writing , where a continuous flow of writing insures that writers reach their subconscious and creative potential

– Exquisite corpse, as developed by French Surrealists, in this collective writing game

Participants will be lead through individual and collective text and poem writing. At the heart of our conversation, themes will arise such as the suffering from the fires and the need to expel anxiety which will in turn fuel the creative process. The session will take place in a playful, supportive and creative environment thanks to the pedagogical and well-being methods employed. The creation of poems and texts during this one and a half session will find their way to punctuate, orientate and help shape her final artwork.

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Wed 30 Oct


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