Family is Murder

Husband, Wife, Daughter, Mother, Secretary, Lover, Lawyer, Debt Collector ..

A Murderously Inappropriate Modern-day Comical Farce, in One Pernicious Act!

Albert Smith is having a bad day, and he’s got no-one to blame but himself!

He’s made some rather questionable life choices which have landed him in hot water, and facing down several barrels of several guns, both figuratively and literally!

His business is going under, his marriage is on the rocks, his gambling debts are due, his sister is having a break-down, his daughter’s obnoxious demands continue to grow, and his extra-marital shenanigans and web of lies are all about to catch up with him in the worst possible way!

Will Albert make one-too-many bad decisions and dig a hole he can’t escape, or will he navigate his way out of his impossible self-made bed?!

Another Original Comedy Starring a Talented Ensemble

Produced by the Multi-Award-Winning Gippsland-based HT&E Theatre Co.

“Family is Murder!” is just the outrageous comical relief we all need after the last year!


Tickets $25.00

Presented By: Here, There & Everywhere


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