GippSport Streetgames

GippSport Streetgames is for players of all skill levels.

GippSport Streetgames focus on providing a range of social sport and recreational opportunities at the right time, right place, and in the right style for many of these young adults across Gippsland, so they can get active and stay connected.

Since March 2020, GippSport Streetgames has incorporated virtualcomponents into the programming to help coaches reach a wider audience. With a passion for embracing change, GippSport Streetgames aims to bridge the gap for marginalised communities by providing opportunities for access to safe social sport and recreational activities.

GippSport Streetgames has a range of fee-for-service options available, such as School Holiday Programs, Social Sports Leagues, Skate Club, Sporting Schools, and many more. GippSport Streetgames is committed to providing affordable programs that encourage physical activity and social engagement in the young people in Gippsland.


  • Social soccer
  • Skate club
  • All abilities basketball


Thu 14 Sep


In support of their new album announcement and release, Boy & Bear have announced a run of Australian Regional dates.

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Phil Jamieson has spent the last quarter-century fronting one of Australia’s popular and successful bands. An accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist, Jamieson’s generation-defining lyrics and vocal melodies first became etched into rock fans’ DNA in 1995, when the Lismore-born quartet he helped form as an 18-year-old rode a new wave of alternative music to become…

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