Presented by the Gippsland Youth Drama Workshop.

“Harriett Porter and the Very Magical Thing!” is a comical send-up of the Potter-universe, and focuses on the final confrontation between Harriett Porter and her evil nemesis Moldymort!

Set at the fictional school of Warthog’s Public School of Mystical Magic, the story follows the adventures of Harriett and her friends as they prepare for the final face-off against the darkest witch that ever lived, with the winner either freeing the magical world of evil, or corrupting it forever.

The show includes all the favourite characters, all who have their own motivations and agendas. The production deals with various comical dilemmas and topical issues, as the characters come to terms with their own realities and home truths.

The original show was conceived by the young performers who hail from across the region, and pays a satirical homage to the magical genre. The production is inspired by JK Rowling’s popular books and the epic blockbuster movies.

Using satire, parody and irony, and twisting the well-known characters, “Harriett Porter and the Very Magical Thing!” is fun for the whole family and anyone who is a fan of Harry Potter.

Tickets: $24