Latrobe Streetgames

Latrobe Streetgames aims to provide a massive range of free social and modified sports at the right time, right place, and in the right style for many of these young adults across Latrobe City, so they can get active and connected.

Latrobe Streetgames is for players of all skill levels.

Our games are generally pretty short and sweet (2-15 minutes each depending on game type), we usually have one main game happening, but we also have heaps of smaller sidegames such as spikeball and badminton if you’re not much of a people-person, or you’re still getting comfortable with the group. While some of our players love competition, we totally get that many don’t, so how you play is totally up to you. We try to balance some competitive main games and some cooperative or “just for fun” ones. Come and chat to our staff if you have any concerns or questions, or want to do something a bit different and we’ll always do our best to accommodate.

•3 on 3 Basketball
•Street soccer
•Skate and scootering
•Plus AFL nines, ultimate frisbee, badminton, netball, cricket and heaps more.


Sun 6 Oct


Spend an hour with Aboriginal singer/songwriter Kutcha Edwards and find yourself enthralled by his music, dulcet tones and magnetic stage presence but also challenged with thought provoking stories and songs.

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