Residency Celebration & Poetry Jam

Artist in community

Residency Celebration & Poetry Jam
All ages program


Join us at the Moe Library to celebrate Latrobe City Artist in Community Sofie Dieu and the artwork that she created during her residency. The artworks created during the residency were informed by the poetry writing session Sofie held and have been created as a response to our community. The celebration will present the opportunity for the public to bring and share their own poetry (environmental anxiety focus) in the form of poetry jam. Light refreshments available.

“Poetic and humanistic, my work resides at the intersection of personal narratives, environmental art and recovery processes. In my practice, I explore how identity, emotions, and memory fluctuates according to our immediate environment. I believe that nature is more than a thing outside us, it lives, grows and shape us from within. As such landscapes, people, healing, and the dichotomy between light and darkness are some of the recurring themes that I explore.

Due to the current drought and devastating summer fires, environmental anxiety among the local population is high. Using both drawing and writing, my project for Artist in Community is to create a cloudscape that crystallises local residents’ relationship to their natural environment while withholding an obvious message of hope.
The community workshop that I propose, provides residents with a safe environment were well-being and creativity is central. The collective creation of poems and texts will find its way to punctuate, orientate and help shape my final artwork. As a result my art will simultaneously acknowledges people’s hardship and acts as a catalyst for resilience.”

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