The Kutcha Edwards Hour

Kutcha uses music to create connections across cultures, generations and spaces.  With an innate ability to communicate, he uses his talent to nurture understanding and self-knowledge amongst all those with whom he has contact.  As a performer, Kutcha believes he has a responsibility to engage with communities beyond his formal performances.  He likes to ‘get to know the mob’, rather than simply walk in and out to perform his shows.  It is important for him to get to know local communities and to act culturally, adhering to protocols.  Kutcha regards himself as a song man, not simply a songwriter.  He draws on a profound sense of all those who have gone before him on this land, along with his own life experiences, to help his audiences understand their own experiences, reconnect with their culture and promote cultural understanding.  He draws strength from his family, country and his inheritance of a culture that stretches back over thousands of years.  Kutcha’s music provides a way to not just tell a story, he lets others express themselves and through music he provides people a way to find their voice.  Kutcha’s Songline is something very sacred and to share time with him is unique, uplifting and potentially life changing.

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