Kevin White is one of the most eminent artists working with clay in Australia and has been instrumental in educating a generation of younger artists, dedicated to the medium of Ceramics. As a practitioner, White’s porcelain vessels and their contemporary embellishment take inspiration from the elegance, philosophical sophistication and technical skill of the East Asian ceramic tradition.

White’s beautiful forms feature evocative decoration with geometric planes of colour, lustrous gold finishes and intimate decal patterning. Kevin White in his most recent work, has incorporated larger sweeping brushstrokes that pay homage to his experience of living and working in China and Japan.

Kevin White’s vessels present an elegant form characteristic of oriental porcelain traditions. Respect for materials is integral to his creative language, allowing for a certain restraint and emphasis of formal and sculptural qualities.
This exhibition ‘Vessel: A Voyage’ features over forty works produced from 1983 to the present.


Fri 6 Dec – Sat 7 Dec


Gippsland Academy of Dance's end of year showcase concert is 'Broadway". The story begins as we follow a young Broadway auditionee who dreams of life on the big stage! Join us as we follow her journey to become a star!

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Tue 31 Dec


Welcome in 2020 at Moe Racing Club with an 80's Rock Party followed by 'Rhiannon - The Songs and Stories of Fleetwood Mac' as they present the music of legendary band Fleetwood Mac in a two hour journey through four decades of timeless, classic songs. The sound and look of this world-class show is so…

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