WHICH WAY THE WIND BLOWS – Selected works from the collection by Mandy Martin

Martin’s paintings are an enquiry on progress, destruction and the effect of human activity on the human environment.  Mandy Martin has stood where artist Ethel Spowers stood in 1933 to depict ‘the works’ at Yallourn.

Steam and smoke suggest energy, power and movement and often appear in Martin’s paintings as empirical evidence; in Martin’s paintings you can always tell which way the wind blows.  Unlike Spowers however who was depicting optimism and a belief in progress, Martin expresses doubt and uncertainty about the future.


Fri 9 Oct


'Brand' is back and he's bringing the good times with him. After taking 12 months off to start a family with the birth of his first baby girl, Brand will be hitting the road again with a renewed vengeance!

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